This post completes the Beagle Channel excursion we took while in Ushuaia as part of our South American cruise on board the Star Princess.

There are more photos and write-ups of our Beagle Channel cruise here:

While the cruise down the Beagle Channel had taken place out in the centre, more-or-less, with the impressive mountains of the surrounding landscape fairly distant from the boat we headed back to Ushuaia closer to land. This part of the trip was also conducted at a generally faster speed, only slowing occasionally for a few points of interest and photo opportunities for anyone who wanted them, which made taking pictures very tricky indeed.

Because of the wind direction and speed during this return part of the excursion I was forced to keep my head and camera turned away as much as possible; my method of photography then became one of trying to spot a picture I wanted to take, giving the lens a quick wipe from the spray or rain coming in, then whipping it up and snapping the shot as fast as possible in the hope that not too much moisture would get in the way and spoil the image. And, of course, all the time I was nearly frozen solid. That’s what you get for standing outside on a boat in the middle of a stretch of water in single digit temperatures.

The Beagle Channel cruise excursion took about two and a half hours. It was exhilarating being on top of the boat for that entire time, taking photos of the stunning scenery and wildlife, but I was quite happy to see the Star Princess grow in size as we neared her at the end of the trip. A highly recommended excursion indeed.


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