You can see the previous images from our Beagle Channel cruise here:

The two and a half hour excursion by boat down the Beagle Channel included two main points of interest along the way, not counting the staggeringly beautiful landscape of snow-capped mountains that surrounded the straits; the first of those points, and the main draw as far as most people were concerned I believe, was the main grouping area for sea lions, a few large rocky areas on which they sunned themselves (when the wind blew the clouds out of the way) and which they shared with a large colony of cormorants too.

I had seen the occasional sea lion swimming in the water of the channel as we had approached this rocky area with another tour boat but the slick, black body in the blue-black, often-churning water was something my camera had trouble getting a focal lock on and there was only a brief window of opportunity to switch to manual and try to dial in a fast enough shot; not the easiest job when you’re wearing gloves and shivering so I resigned myself to waiting until we came upon the sea lions en masse.


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