While this site contains the write-ups of our various travels it’s the photos that typically drive everything and they’ll often be uploaded days, weeks, or even months before anything appears to read. If you’re interested in seeing the most recent snapshots of where we’ve been around the world then this page should give you the best idea.

The Instagram feed will contain a mix of the latest sights and some “classic” photos selected and made look pretty to keep that particular social media channel updating.

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The latest photos uploaded to my Flickr page are shown below. These are typically straight out of the camera with minimal processing (photos are taken in RAW format and I always deliberately underexpose so as not to lose information so there has to be some processing in order to address that, plus there’s inevitably sensor dust that needs cleaning). If you’re interested in where I’ve been travelling long before I get around to putting up posts about the places then you’ll get the best idea from checking them out.