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Here's where you'll find photographic reviews from my trips around the world. They're in no particular order because I'm adding them in at random from my extensive collection of pictures but you can filter the results once you drill down into the posts; for instance: Cruises or European vacations or photos from places we've visited in the United Kingdom.

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  • Colourful BuildingsSouth America
    This blog post is a summary of the various portfolio entries covering our cruise around South America in March 2016. Flying from Heathrow to Paris then onwards to Buenos Aires we picked up the Star Princess ship operated by Princess Cruises for a fabulous trip that saw us visiting the countries of Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, as well as spending a day in the Falkland Islands. This memorable trip that saw us tick off experiences such as cruising around Cape Horn, seeing penguins in the wild, seeing whales migrating, seeing an albatross, watching a dolphin swim alongside us, dance a tango, and look at the Milky Way from the Southern Hemisphere (amongst many others) was made so much better by easily the best crew we've ever had the pleasure of cruising with.
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