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Welcome to neOnbubble, the home for Mark & Marie's Travels, featuring travelogues, cruise diaries, travel reviews, and plenty of photos from whenever we head off to explore the world. Expect to discover old picture scans and photography tips now and then with occasional blog posts too.

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Below, you can find the most recent additions to our travelogues, cruise diaries, photographic reviews, and travel guides of places we've visited, plus pictures from general events or on specific themes, or even some travel-related content that defies easy categorisation. Click the View All link below to filter the contents by, for example, Cruises or European vacations or photos from places we've visited in the United Kingdom or United States, etc.

Each travel portfolio post is tagged with details too allowing you to find similar articles throughout the site. For a complete list of tags used on posts on the website please click here and please use the menu bar to search for content by keyword, by cruise line, or by country.

Scroll down the page to see the latest blog posts and find all of this site's blog entries.

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