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Latest Cruise, Travel, & Photography Posts

Here are the most recent additions to our travelogues, cruise diaries, photographic reviews, and travel guides of places we've visited. Click the View All link below to filter the contents by, for example, Cruises or European vacations or photos from places we've visited in the United Kingdom or United States, etc.

Each travel portfolio post is tagged with details too allowing you to find similar articles throughout the site. For a complete list of tags used on posts on the website please click here and please use the menu bar to search for content by keyword, by cruise line, or by country.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Royal Princess Cruise Ship

    A Regal Disappointment

    We've always promoted the service afforded by Princess Cruises but in these awkward times for travelling they've not exactly shone.

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  • Astoria Drinks

    Site And Travel News

    Some new travel content and minor changes to the site to explain, news about CMV cruiseline and Princess, and a few links to new posts you might find interesting.

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  • Cape Horn Cruise

    An Ocean Of Bad Cruise News

    Round-up of new content on the site and links, plus a mild diatribe against recent publications from the EU and FCO regarding cruising.

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  • Corfu From Royal Princess

    2020 Cruise Plans

    It's a year of cancelled cruise after cancelled cruise but we've gone ahead and taken a chance that cruising will start up again at some point and booked for late October.

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  • Geiranger Hike

    Revisiting Travel Content

    Recent rewrites and additions to older travel content on this site along with a few new pieces; some recent, some less so. A site change and a possible future one considered.

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  • Pedestrians

    Suez Canal, Petra, Bergen, And More

    New travel content from our cruise to Jordan including passage through the Suez Canal and a visit to Petra, plus a revisit to Bergen in Norway. And future travel plans too? Maybe.

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