There are more photos and write-ups of our Beagle Channel cruise here:

We’d spent enough time for everyone on our boat and the other one that was out on the excursion with us to slowly circle the rocky island on which the sea lions were mostly congregated so we then set off again down the straits. The freezing wind picked up along with our speed and most people disappeared back under cover but I stayed outside and took in the still wonderful views of the snow-capped mountains that lined the edges of the Beagle Channel. As I’ve already mentioned in one of the earlier posts in this series of pictures I was the only person who remained on deck for the entirety of the cruise trip.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

The furthest point we reached from the Star Princess was Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse which guards the sea entrance to the east of Ushuaia. As with our stop to see the sea lions our boat here cut power for several minutes at a time and allowed us to slowly drift around the island on which the lighthouse was situated and take photos.


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