Continuing where part one of the Beagle Channel cruise left off with some more photographs of the windy, bitterly cold, utterly incredible excursion out from Ushuaia to see the sea lions, other wildlife, and the spectacular scenery of the southernmost tip of South America.

While under power the boat was quite bumpy and for those of us up top it was difficult to keep our balance often. I took most of my photos while leaning against railings for support, one hand ducking into my pocket frequently to pull out my lens cloth in an attempt (not wholly successful) to keep the lens clear of spray and occasional rain.

Even though the sea channel in the straits off Ushuaia don’t look too bad from the photos you can get a feel for just how windy it was from this video by looking at the flag. And from listening to the wind overloading the video camera’s microphone too, of course.


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