The Star Princess cruise ship had sailed down the Río de la Plata overnight from Buenos Aires but by the time I awoke in the morning it hadn’t quite docked at the port of Montevideo which was to be our stop for the day in Uruguay. It was nice that the last sight of the Argentinian capital city had been its brutalist port area and the first sight of Uruguay’s capital was another port that also featured views of a few buildings in the brutalist style although there was far more a mix of architecture on display from our balcony.

We left our room to get some breakfast while the ship came alongside in Montevideo and completed its usual checks whenever any vessels arrive in a new port. After we’d eaten we returned to our room to get ready for the day’s planned excursion (which would turn out to be incredible and possibly the best one we’ve ever experienced so far) but because we still had some time before meeting with our group I trained my camera on some more sights of Montevideo, or the little bit we could see from our fairly low vantage point.


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