Argentina‘s capital city Buenos Aires had one more wonderful experience to share with us as the Star Princess departed in the evening in the form of a sail past its commercial port area in order to get out onto the Río de la Plata towards Uruguay. Now, I dare say that the overwhelming majority of people on board the ship couldn’t have cared less for the sight of concrete structures slipping past as the ship moved away from dry land but the sheer amount of brutalist architecture on display was a delight for me and I duly pointed my camera in its direction even as I spotted other passengers on their balconies with eyes aimed at the rapidly-setting evening sun instead.

From going back and looking at the photos taken of the brutalist buildings along the port area one of the things I missed at the time was the lovely, socialist design work in the concrete of one of the structures. Worth looking at these images in full size.

The spectacle of concrete style couldn’t go on forever and, much as I like it, there was the matter of a two week cruise around South America to deal with which did have more than its fair share of appeal too. We left brutalist Buenos Aires behind and passed the remainder of the commercial port area.

The port was soon behind us as we turned out onto the river that would take us to our next stop, Montevideo. The dipping sun had just enough light left to provide a few nice shots through some of the buildings along the waterfront area of Buenos Aires and we got to see some distant high rise structures that hadn’t been evident when we’d been in the main part of the city. We also noticed a pier with a narrow-gauge railway leading along it.


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