We’d spent the morning visiting La Recoleta Cemetery, taking a walk through the closed-off streets of Buenos Aires, popping into the Metropolitan Cathedral, continuing our walk along the streets past Argentina’s Pink House, then stopping for a tango show and a meal featuring the most delicious steak I’ve had in my life. The capital city’s streets were now open once more and the protesters had finished protesting so our coach was waiting to take us to our next stop: La Boca.

As we approached the district the surroundings took on a surreal air with brightly coloured buildings springing up everywhere; murals, slogans, and cartoon-like sculptures were everywhere. While I don’t normally like taking photos from inside a vehicle on account of the usual dirty condition of the windows, the chance of vibration softening up the pictures too much, and the high potential for reflections I couldn’t resist capturing some shots as our coach closed in on its destination.


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