We’d flown into Buenos Aires the day before and spent what remained of that day on board the Star Princess with a view of the port (we weren’t allowed off). On March 1st – our first date’s twentieth anniversary – we had a full day excursion arranged through Princess Cruises to take in all that Argentina’s capital city had to offer. Our first stop was La Recoleta Cemetery, famously the resting place of Eva Perón. It was a grey day that looked like it was threatening to rain but it never did and the temperature was warm enough to explore the sights of Buenos Aires in a t-shirt.

Our coach pulled up in the Recoleta district of Buenos Aires and we gathered outside the walls of the cemetery to hear some of the details of the location from our guide. Naturally, I wandered off and took some photographs of the surrounding area and its concrete-friendly architecture and missed all the information.

We then entered the cemetery itself for close to an hour to explore its street-like layout of above ground crypts. As it would turn out this would not be the only cemetery filled with above ground crypts we would visit on our South American cruise aboard the Star Princess; it turns out they’re fond of these things down that way.

Other than tourists, a few relatives (perhaps), and a few workers, the only other living things wandering the impressive alleys between the equally impressive crypts of the cemetery were cats.

La Recoleta cemetery’s most famous inhabitant is, of course, Eva Perón, whose body lay within the crypt marked by her family name of Duarte.

We had time for a few more photographs of the Recoleta district surroundings and buildings outside the walls of the cemetery before boarding our coach for the next stop on our organised tour of Buenos Aires.


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