After our brief visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral we resumed our walk along the Argentinian capital city’s street (see The Streets Of Buenos Aires for the first part of our walk in Buenos Aires). Not far from the Cathedral was the Pink House (or Casa Rosada in Spanish), the executive office of the President of Argentina. We don’t know whether there were more guards than usual just because of the protests elsewhere in the city during our excursion or whether the number of guards was typical for a South American leader’s place of work.

The Argentinian police and their vehicles (including a water cannon) were certainly present in reasonable numbers in the area around Casa Rosada. As far as we know, though, there was no violence while we were in Buenos Aires.

The rest of the time on foot was casually walking towards our next stop, La Ventana tango hall (where we would see a fabulous show about a metre from the stage and have the most incredible steak I’ve eaten in my life (top travel tip in Argentina: don’t be like all the Americans on our table; order your steak rare, how it’s supposed to be, and get a nod of approval from the waiting staff absolutely free)). On the way we had plenty of time to pause and allow fellow passengers on the tour from the Star Princess cruise ship time to catch up and that gave me plenty of time to take photos of the buildings we passed. Some people might find the buildings ugly but I’ve always loved that gritty, grimy architecture of big cities. Nothing too brutal along the streets in Buenos Aires that we were walking, which was a shame, but plenty to see nonetheless.


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