In June of 2012 my dad decided he wanted to take a holiday with me and my wife, my brother and his wife, and my brother’s wife’s two children. So it was that the seven of us headed to Salou, Spain for a week. Everyone else favoured a more relaxing, less moving about time (in my dad’s case because he had difficulty walking) but my wife and I like to get out and explore and, of course, take the odd photo or ten. On one of the days we took a bus into the nearby city of Tarragona as we’d seen there was a Roman amphitheatre by the sea.

The amphitheatre was fabulous; not massive, but sunk down below the surrounding circus and street level, with a lovely view of the sea. It must have been quite a place to visit in the second century. It was, however, a huge heat trap, eliminating any offshore breeze that might have cooled elsewhere in the city and we had to seek out a place selling cold drinks in the shade immediately after visiting.

One of the first things we noticed in the city were the statues; there were quite a few and they were quite varied.

Architecture in the city was quite varied too.

I do like to take photos of street art when I see it on my travels and although Tarragona did not offer up many examples the ones I shot were of pretty reasonable quality.

The scenery along the shoreline of Tarragona was beautiful, affording views out over the railway line, amphitheatre, and sea, as well as granting us some small amount of breeze to combat the bone-penetrating heat of the day.


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