Walking from our hotel in Cap de Salou along the coastline path took us into Salou itself. By the time we reached it we weren’t in any mood to go hunting down anything particularly interesting other than somewhere to get a drink but after we’d done that we explored the shops and under the clear blue skies and baking Spanish sunshine it all looked very pleasant, very typical of what we’d expect to see on a holiday in Spain.

I found some of the architecture of the buildings in Salou very appealing. There were elements of brutalism amongst the modernism that you come to expect in any hotel or apartment complexes raised in holiday destinations in the latter parts of the twentieth century. Getting under the buildings and looking up to their shaped balconies produced some pleasing angled photos against the sky.

Moving away from the shops took us through some more green and shaded spaces, looking beautifully welcoming against the scorching temperature we were feeling from the relentless sunshine pouring down on us from above.

We then came out on the main promenade separating the beach areas of the Salou from the beach. Everything seemed very clean, very bright, very wide, and incredibly photogenic which was good as I’m quite fond of taking advantage of photogenic things and taking photos of them, so that’s what I did before we started back along the coast to the hotel area once again.


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