Our day trip to Barcelona had involved a long, almost circular walking route that had taken us up to Park Güell, then down to La Sagrada Família before heading back towards our bus stop via a walk along the city streets that would incorporate the Gothic Quarter and La Rambla, both of which we were keen to see and photograph.

Barcelona Cathedral And The Gothic Quarter

We started with lunch on the pavement not far from La Sagrada Família and a very much needed beer after the amount of walking we’d done. Afterwards we headed off for some more foot-based punishment with camera in hand. The route we walked took us through the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona with us using the easily-spottable cathedral as a guide.

La Rambla

As we emerged onto La Rambla we made for a tapas place almost immediately as my brother had a thing in his mind about wanting to go in one while he was in Barcelona. It hadn’t been long since we’d eaten but we entertained his wish since he was so accommodating with my frequent stops to take photos of the Spanish city’s sights.

We then went for a short walk along a small part of La Rambla as we realised we were becoming a little pressed for time in order to make our bus back. I found La Rambla fascinating and could easily have spent a few hours on it just photographing all the people. The street was filled with various entertainers and stalls targeting tourists.

There are a huge number of side streets and alleyways off La Rambla and it would have been good to pop along them all to see what wonderful secrets they held but we restricted ourselves to just the one towards the top end: Carrer dels Tallers.

Plaça de Catalunya

From there we emerged onto Plaça de Catalunya, a large square in the centre of Barcelona with a number of sculptures and a large fountain display.

One of the roads off the square was our final destination. Down Passeig de Gràcia was where we were to meet the bus that would return us to the rest of our family waiting for us back at the hotel in Cap de Salou.


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