The first tourist place we headed to in Barcelona was the Joan Martorell and Antoni Gaudí-designed Park Güell, named for the Spanish entrepreneur Eusebi Güell. Walking along the streets of Barcelona had been relatively flat but the final stretch to the park was up a steep section (understandably since the park was located on a hill to provide great views of the city) and we were gasping by the time we got into the impressive and somewhat surreal attraction.

The bright colours, twisting paths, and odd architecture in the park reminded me of a warped Portmeirion. The views over Barcelona were lovely and gave us a feel for just how far we would still have to go to take in the rest of the sights of the Spanish city. Park Güell is well worth a visit, especially if the weather holds off. We got lucky in that it was bright but just overcast enough to not leave us sweltering under the glare of the sun.


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