After our lovely steam train ride from Montevideo we hopped on a coach and headed into the Establecimiento Juanicó vineyard where we were due to have a meal and partake in a wine tasting. Before that, though, we went out to see the grapes and hear about the soil, the grapes, and how and when they were picked. We were also allowed to take any grapes we liked and taste them so we did, although we felt that some people on the tour were a little greedy with just how many of the Tannat grapes they decided they were entitled to. The grapes were lovely, by the way; small, dark, very juicy.

We then sat down to a meal, eight to a table, and wine glasses were presented. Then began the wine tasting and it was unlike any wine tasting we’d done before or since. Wine number one arrived and we slurped. Wine number two arrived and we slurped. Wine number one came back around to fill glasses up so we slurped again. Wine number three was also accompanied by wine number two for anyone who wanted more. Wines four and five were presented and wines one through three came around again as well in case anyone wanted a top up, and we did. Wine six was not alone, as I’m sure you can guess. I would estimate that we each came close to drinking two bottles of wine by the time it finished. We were quite merry.

Uruguayan Tango

We’d already seen a fabulous Argentine Tango when we were in Buenos Aires and now we were treated the variation of the dance performed in Uruguay (which to our eyes was the same). The tango dancers were wonderful.

At the end of the performance the two tango dancers approached some of the people who were watching to see if anyone wanted to get up and dance. I was approached. I said yes. I blame the wine. I apologised profusely for standing on the foot of my tango partner. There is photographic evidence of me “dancing” the tango in Uruguay. No, you may not see it.

We’d been sitting with Leandro, one of the videographers on the Star Princess cruise ship and that meant that video was taken of the occasion too. Upon sitting back down I turned to him and said “You will be nice and edit me out of any video, won’t you?” He smiled. On a later excursion we bumped into a couple we’d met around the ship a few times who excitedly told me they’d seen me dancing on the big screen as clips of the trips were played in the theatre while waiting to depart so, yes, there’s video evidence of me “dancing” the tango in Uruguay too. Bloody Leandro.


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