When we’d arrived in Sweden early in the morning our cruise into the Stockholm Archipelago was one with less-than-ideal lighting conditions (the low sun would occasionally render everything difficult to see from our balcony) and long periods where the sky was overcast limiting the number of photographs I took. I did my best but suspected that things wouldn’t be that much better as we completed our day in the Swedish capital from a viewpoint over the city as the sky was decidedly grey again and threatened to spit with rain. However, as the Crown Princess departed Stockholm the warmth of the evening sun seemed to work some magic and things suddenly brightened considerably.

The speed of the cruise ship was necessarily low and with little wind to cope with this made for a wonderfully tranquil transit through the thousands of islands protecting Stockholm.

One interesting thing to keep an eye on from our aft cabin balcony viewpoint was the Tallink cruise ferry that was following us and would continue to do so through the night as our next stop would be the Estonian capital to which it was also heading.

At one point we slowly overtook a yacht enjoying the pleasant summer sunshine of the evening in the Swedish waters.

It had been almost uniformly dull weather-wise during our day exploring Stockholm but we’d had a wonderful time there and seen enough to know that it would be a place we’d love to return to at some point. Having really nice weather to finish off our flying visit to Sweden and help us appreciate the spectacle of the archipelago was the icing on the cake.

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Cruising Stockholm Archipelago


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