After leaving Denmark we had a day at sea before approaching the third port of call on our Baltic cruise, Stockholm, Sweden.

We woke to find ourselves already cruising through the Stockholm archipelago, the series of over 20000 islands formed by glacial regression that protect the Swedish capital city. I had been looking forward to this part of the cruise as I’d heard it was stunningly beautiful but the weather was not particularly good and because of the angle we were approaching along with our aft position on the ship light was an issue too. Things would be much more pleasant during our departure but for now I satisfied myself with only a few photographs of the landscape around Stockholm and some of the outlying structures we could occasionally see.

It was very easy to tell when we were closer to the city of Stockholm itself as the number of buildings along the shorelines increased significantly. There wasn’t a lot of traditional architecture on display but we knew we’d be hitting the old part of the city during our day there so that wasn’t an issue either. What architecture we did see was generally fairly modern and not particularly appealing, although there were plenty of bold colours on show, something very typical of Nordic countries in general.

The Crown Princess cruise ship eventually docked opposite the Gröna Lund amusement park which looked interesting, if compact. We’d not be visiting that on our day in Sweden but as we’d love to go back to the city at some point I wouldn’t rule it out on some future occasion.

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Cruising Into Sweden


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