Giant Daleks On Planet Floorboards

Angry Travelling In Time And Space

This is a travel-related website now. When I write up where we’ve been and the things we’ve seen and when I share photos of what we’ve experienced I hope to take the reader – who, is mostly just me (and that’s fine) – on a journey through time and space. Doctor Who is a travel-related TV programme. Each episode lets the producers show where the Doctor’s been and the things that have been seen and the visuals take us all on a journey through time and space. I’m saying this site is a bit like Doctor Who.

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Ship Flags

Site And Social Updates: January 2019

Latest, semi-regular, almost-monthly, mostly-unread update about what’s been happening on this website and on social media as well as anything that’s caught my eye on other travel-related websites or social media accounts.

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Diamond Princess Leaving Taiwan

Travel Review 2018, Travel Preview 2019

One of those end-of-the-year reviews of what’s happened with regards to our travels, much of which you’d know already if you read the site more often. But I’m not blaming you for that. There are also some bits that haven’t been published yet such as our last cruise and our last European break. In addition there’s a short list of what we’ve currently got planned in 2019; the countries we’ll be visiting; the ships we’ll be cruising on.

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Arch decoration detail

Recent Events

Why haven’t there been any updates on this website for over a month? Well, funny you should ask but we’ve been cruising in Asia aboard Diamond Princess and since coming back we’ve been a bit down (because that’s what happens after a cruise) and we’ve been a bit snowed under with processing photos (because that’s what happens to me after a cruise) and, well, now you know. More details inside…

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Foreign Money

Site And Social Updates: October 2018

This post covers any technical or content-related changes to the site over the last month as well as details about another old social network shutting down and a huge spike in traffic from the Reddit community; what happens when your site has the answer to a question that’s posed.

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Brimstone Butterfly

Types Of Blogger And Social Media Etiquette

In this post I’m going to explain where I see myself amongst the various types of bloggers there are, specifically as it relates to cruise and/or travel bloggers. Additionally, I’m going to explain how I use social media and my reaction to the social media etiquette I see being broken every day. It’s worth noting, though, that these types of bloggers and this definition of etiquette are my personal ones as nothing official exists and it’s just a way for me to find my own niche and snuggle down in it when writing my travel posts and engaging with other people on the various social network platforms.

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Sapphire Princess Coaster

Princess Cruises Prizes

We’ve been lucky enough to have won something in a quiz every time that we’ve cruised with Princess Cruises to date. We’re fully aware that this run can’t continue forever but while the record is intact here’s every prize we’ve accrued aboard the various ships we’ve cruised on so far.

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Saint Petersburg Hermitage Museum

Site And Social Updates: August 2018

The latest in a semi-regular update about changes to the site, news and information from the social media channels, and any other bits of general business. This month includes a minor technical site change, updates to the drama recently reported, a surge in traffic from a private group, getting blocked by someone for reasons unknown, and the usual array of things I’ve been looking at.

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RMS Transvaal Castle

1970s Cruise Videos

I’ll quite often bounce from website-to-website following people who’ve commented somewhere in search of interesting articles to read (usually travel-related because that’s clearly a big love in my life) but occasionally – even though I typically don’t like the video or vlogging formats so much as they’re far more time-consuming – I’ll take a search and/or related videos leap around YouTube on a topic just to see what catches my attention too. This post covers some things I discovered following a sudden desire to hunt for cruise videos from the 1970s (although it isn’t just limited to that) stemming from a combination of remembering we’ve got a short cruise on an old ship coming up and my general love for retro films and styles.

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