Azura Pool Deck

Cruise Vlogging Round-Up

A selection of some of the videos I’ve been watching recently on YouTube which, as you can probably tell from the title of this blog post, are related to cruises and vlogging.

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Ventura, Balcony View

Travelling In 2017 And 2018

Where did we visit in 2017? Where will we visit in 2018? Yes, it’s the end of the year so that means it’s time for a look back at what’s happened and a look forward to what’s coming up because when it comes to writing blog posts it’s way easier to be unoriginal than think of anything new to write.

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Falkland Islands, Star Princess

Princess Cruises Loyalty Changes

For many years cruising with Princess Cruises has benefitted from counting cruises with P&O towards their loyalty system, the Captain’s Circle. This will soon change and there are arguments for and against this move. Generally, though, I see this as a negative move by the company that might be perceived as an indication of cost-cutting which is likely to be a precursor to a reduction in the levels of service offered in the minds of many cruisers.

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Colourful Buildings

South America

This blog post is a summary of the various portfolio entries covering our cruise around South America in March 2016. Flying from Heathrow to Paris then onwards to Buenos Aires we picked up the Star Princess ship operated by Princess Cruises for a fabulous trip that saw us visiting the countries of Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, as well as spending a day in the Falkland Islands. This memorable trip that saw us tick off experiences such as cruising around Cape Horn, seeing penguins in the wild, seeing whales migrating, seeing an albatross, watching a dolphin swim alongside us, dance a tango, and look at the Milky Way from the Southern Hemisphere (amongst many others) was made so much better by easily the best crew we’ve ever had the pleasure of cruising with.

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Iceland - Reykjavik - Sun Voyager - Processed

Thoughts On Travel Bloggers And Social Media

This isn’t going to be unique to travel bloggers at all but these are my observations from my experience over the last few months. It’s coming up close to about two months since I started a new Twitter account to act as an additional driver to this website beyond that I share to friends from my personal Facebook account and that which trickles in organically from search. The original purpose of that additional social media account was simply to provide links to new and old posts for anyone using Twitter search as their source of content that might find what I post interesting but because I didn’t want it to just be a self-serving link farm I also started following a few travel and travel photography-related Twitter accounts so that I could share their good content too and also interact. I’m pleased to say that some followed back but I’ve had a website for more years than I care to remember and interaction and reciprocation together were the big things when I started producing content and things have clearly moved on in what I consider a colder direction.

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Travel Achievements

This blog post lists some of the highlights of places to which we’ve travelled or of experiences in those places. We understand that everyone is different and that some people like beach holidays or going back to the same hotel every year but for us the joy of travelling is in seeing something that our friends and family haven’t, of building up a list of experiential achievements, giving us something to look back at in years to come and say that yes, we did that, we saw that, we were there.

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Amsterdam Cruise On Azura

A quick summary of our short cruise on the P&O ship Azura that had a few changes imposed on it first by the weather and then by striking workers in France (I know! Who ever would have imagined a French person striking!?) This post includes links to the various portfolio posts already uploaded on the site featuring lots of photographs of the points of interest on the ship and in the numerous places that we visited in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, all of them courtesy of the fabulous I Amsterdam city cards we picked up in advance. More on that in the post too.

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Wheelhouse Bar

Cruise Ship Conversation Challenge

Conversations with strangers on cruises have a whole set of hidden rules. Do you know what they are? Did you even know they existed? Are you worried that you won’t do well in the unofficial cruise ship conversation challenge? Well, firstly, don’t panic. Not everyone takes part in the challenge. It’s not compulsory. You might be content to just relax on your vacation. Secondly, help is at hand. With this short post I explain some of the rules and some of the challenges and where points can be won and lost. Conversations on cruise ships will never be the same again.

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Ventura, Southampton

10 Rejected New P&O Cruise Ship Names

In this post I list the ten names I rejected for the new 5000+ passenger-carrying P&O cruise ship to be launched in 2020 along with the reasons for not picking them. I also tell you the name I did select for the competition P&O were running just so when it’s picked and I still don’t win I can bask in a small amount of smug satisfaction.

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