Star Princess Cruise Ship

It Was The Best Of Cruises, It Was The Worst Of Cruises

Two videos from Don of the Don’s Family Vacations YouTube channel which feature – as you might be able to guess from the title – accounts of his best cruise ever and his worst cruise ever. His best featured an unexpected upgrade and far more besides; his worst featured a free cruise with many hidden costs.

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Wow Air

Website And Social Media Updates: September 2017

The work of a website owner is never done and it’s not all just blog posts and portfolio updates featuring images of wonderful places and fabulous memories; there’s also a bit of tinkering that goes on around the site from time to time and even though the site isn’t that old in terms of its new travel and photography direction I do tweak things every now and then to see what impact it has. This post contains a list of changes around the site in terms of layout or features as well as some changes on social media too carried out recently.

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Smart Casual

Smart Casual Wear On Cruises

If you’re going on your first cruise you might read up about the dress codes on most ships and you might simply accept them in much the same way that you’d accept any rule put in place somewhere you’re not familiar with. If you’ve been on more than one cruise then you might develop the attitude that those rules regarding appropriate clothing when dining especially are things for other people. Don’t be that sort of person. Here’s why.

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Uruguayan Tango Dancers


Portfolio posts relating to the day on our South American cruise that we spent in Uruguay are now completed. This post update contains links to the individual portfolio entries covering our stops at several sites of interest in Montevideo, our steam train ride through the Uruguayan countryside, and photos from the tango show we witnessed (and participated in whilst drunk) during a wine tasting at a vineyard.

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Ventura Departing Southampton

Cruising With Jane McDonald

One of two cruise-based television programmes that regularly air in Britain right now, Cruising With Jane McDonald follows the Wakefield singer and presenter aboard a number of different cruise ships around the world. This review covers my only real gripe with the series, that being the overwhelming positive view of cruising given. I like cruises too but things aren’t always perfect and the people you meet on them certainly aren’t. While I know that Jane is a very upbeat person it would be nice to see some critical viewpoints covered occasionally too. Nothing about this issue takes away from Jane herself, though, and it’s a great show to watch in terms of seeing the various cruising destinations and types of ships available to experience.

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I Amsterdam City Card

We’ve booked a short break in Amsterdam in the not too distant future and were planning to simply wing it, seeing what took our fancy in and around the Dutch capital’s streets but that was before I discovered the discount card provided by the city’s tourist board. With free entry to museums (you forget that other countries charge entrance fees to their museums in far greater numbers than in the UK), free public transport, a free canal cruise, free gifts, and loads of discounts too I couldn’t pass up this great resource for getting the most out of our short time in the city.

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Hermitage, St Petersburg

Russian River Cruising

We very nearly did a Russian river cruise this year but while that didn’t occur some friends of ours went ahead and did something very similar to what we’d planned (but rejected). We’d never done one before (and still haven’t) and the itineraries we could see would mean we’d be able to visit not only St Petersburg but also Moscow. In the end a number of factors came to bear and we plumped for sticking with Princess Cruises but as it turned out some online friends had booked a Russian river cruise for not long after our trip. As a result of that and the pictures and blog posts they’ve put up it’s been interesting to see what we missed and also compare the similar trips and experiences we both had while in St Petersburg.

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Geirangerfjord Cruise

YouTube Cruise Vloggers

Obviously, this site is now travel-based to a large extent because I like to travel and if you’ve used your eyes and checked out the various posts that have appeared and are still appearing in the travel and photography portfolio here then you might also spot that my favourite form of travel is by cruise ship. I’m mostly loyal to Princess Cruises but, because they conveniently set sail mostly from not too far from where I live and they offer regular, short breaks and because cruises with them count towards Princess’s loyalty system, I’ve also started to travel with P&O. While I consider myself experienced enough to no longer really need cruising tips I still subscribe to a decent number of cruise vloggers on YouTube for various reasons and this blog post explains who they are and why I follow them.

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Our First Foreign Holiday

It’s coming up for nine years since my wife and I got married and took our first, proper, foreign holiday together as our honeymoon treat to ourselves. I say proper because technically we had taken a day trip to France with a previous company I’d worked at as part of their Christmas gift to the employees. But, our honeymoon was our first trip to foreign soil of any real duration and it involved something other than a channel-hopping ferry. In fact, it involved another couple of firsts for the pair of us and those were our first trip to Asia and our first cruise. It started a bit of a love affair with that latter form of holidaying.

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Crown Princess Cruise Ship

Travel & Photography Blog

I swore I’d never have a blog and the archived version of this site still retains that disclaimer in some form but time passes and things change and the period when I wrote about everything and nothing has dissolved to practically nothing itself. In its place is this new incarnation of the site concentrating on travel and photography; originally this was going to be just a showcase for my own pictures and videos taken on holidays around the world but I’ve come to realise there’s no reason not to include discussions about travelling and/or photography in general too. I wondered if I could do this in a shortform way not far removed from annotated link lists but then I remembered that I do like to put words down too; grudgingly, I came to realise that this was the essence of blogging. No getting away from it now, I suppose.

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