Celebrity Eclipse

Spotting Cruise Ships From Cruise Ships

Photos and descriptions of the cruise ships we’ve spotted while we ourselves have been on cruise ships on our many years of travelling. Cruising seems to be unique in that it’s the only form of travelling I can think of where people on passing modes of transport stare at, photograph, and wave at complete strangers with childish glee.

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Diamond Princess, Naha

Site And Social Updates: May 2019

Latest changes to the website (and there have been a few big ones) plus latest content loaded, what’s happening in the travel world, where we’re cruising to next year, and what’s caught my eye in the last month online.

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Site And Social Updates: March 2019

Regular site update containing news about what’s changed on the site, what new content has been posted that you might have missed, what’s going on in the real world, and what’s caught my eye online this month.

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Site And Social Updates: February 2019

The almost monthly post wherein I remark on any website changes, any new travel plans (and there are some!), any news from the wide world of travel, what I’ve been up to on Social Media (if anything), and anything of interest that’s caught my eye from other travel bloggers.

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Giant Daleks On Planet Floorboards

Angry Travelling In Time And Space

This is a travel-related website now. When I write up where we’ve been and the things we’ve seen and when I share photos of what we’ve experienced I hope to take the reader – who, is mostly just me (and that’s fine) – on a journey through time and space. Doctor Who is a travel-related TV programme. Each episode lets the producers show where the Doctor’s been and the things that have been seen and the visuals take us all on a journey through time and space. I’m saying this site is a bit like Doctor Who.

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Ship Flags

Site And Social Updates: January 2019

Latest, semi-regular, almost-monthly, mostly-unread update about what’s been happening on this website and on social media as well as anything that’s caught my eye on other travel-related websites or social media accounts.

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Diamond Princess Leaving Taiwan

Travel Review 2018, Travel Preview 2019

One of those end-of-the-year reviews of what’s happened with regards to our travels, much of which you’d know already if you read the site more often. But I’m not blaming you for that. There are also some bits that haven’t been published yet such as our last cruise and our last European break. In addition there’s a short list of what we’ve currently got planned in 2019; the countries we’ll be visiting; the ships we’ll be cruising on.

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