Our last day on the Star Princess was spent on the Pacific Ocean travelling between Puerto Montt and Valparaiso where we would disembark and head to Chile’s capital, Santiago, to fly home. As the name of the ocean suggests the conditions were remarkably peaceful but as we were approaching the end of a fantastic holiday with Princess Cruises around South America and the low, thin, light grey cloud stretched from horizon to horizon the overall effect was less one of tranquility and more of sadness. Between a final set of BOGO hours (buy one drink, get one for a dollar) and quizzes I took a wander around the deck of the cruise ship for one last time to snap some photos. I barely saw another person; some of them may have been as miserable as me but a lot of people we’d met were doing back-to-back cruises (some back-to-back-to-back, the bastards) so I’ve no idea where everyone was.

A little later in the day the sun did manage to burn off the cloud and we were treated to something a little more vivid and only marginally less flat as a parting image of the Pacific Ocean at the end of our fortnight’s cruise.


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