After our shopping (or in my case, photography) stop at Puerto Varas our coach took us the twenty kilometres south to the Chilean port of Puerto Montt where we joined our cruise ship, Star Princess, once more. Puerto Montt would not just be our last stop in Chile but also our last stop on our South American cruise with just a day at sea and disembarkation at Valparaiso to follow.

We’d showered, changed, the ship had started moving away from Puerto Montt, and we were killing a little bit of time before we were planning to head off to a quiz. My wife was reading her Kindle and I was contemplating whether to take a few last pictures during the sailaway when I suddenly became aware that the ship had stopped. Heading out onto the balcony I saw a very unexpected sight, rushed back, and persuaded my wife to put her reading material down and join me. She harumphed, sighed, stepped out, opened her mouth, ran back into the room, and returned with her phone to take some pictures too of the surprise awaiting us on the starboard side of the cruise ship: a Chilean Navy submarine was entering the port as we were leaving and we’d obviously had to stop to let it through the relatively narrow passage.

Seeing a submarine at sea was just another in a great series of memories from a fabulous cruise on the Princess Cruises ship Star Princess. A wonderfully-coloured sunset then started to appear in the sky as we completed our departure from the Chilean port so we headed off to the aft of the ship to take a few photos and another bit of video on my phone before making our way to the quiz.


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