Our day’s excursion from the Star Princess cruise ship which had seen us visit the Petrohué Waterfalls, take a chairlift ride up Osorno Volcano, and tuck into a lovely lunch near Lake Llanquihué finished with some shopping or wandering time in Puerto Varas, a city on the shores of Lake Llanquihué with a lot of German influence in its shops and designs.

We ignored the lure of the German drinking establishments we could see and took a brief look in the local shops but ended up not really finding anything we wanted to buy.

We then headed down to the shoreline and took some photos of the area and across Lake Llanquihué where the volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco could be seen.

We saw quite a few dogs in Puerto Varas. Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina had all had their fair share of dogs on the streets. It must be a very South American thing.

An inquisitive bird among the rocks caught my attention for a while too.

Heading back into the main square of the town close to the time we were due to be picked up by our coach we passed a few statues of local heroes of some sort or another; another common theme in the South American cities we’d visited on the cruise.

We sought out some shade for a while in the main square and bumped into a couple we’d talked to on a few occasions. It was here that they remarked excitedly they had seen me on the TV screens in the main theatre as my dance with a Uruguayan tango dancer had made the cut on the DVD of the cruise. Great.


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