On one day of our week-long vacation in Spain at Cap de Salou my wife and I took the bus and traveled inland about five kilometres to check out the town of Reus, the birthplace of architect Antoni Gaudí. As with everywhere else we hit in Spain on that holiday it was frighteningly hot and he hadn’t gone there with any major plans other than to check out the Gaudí museum so we were content to mostly otherwise just wander the streets, taking in the architecture of the buildings and Spanish atmosphere, and having a nose around some of the shops.

There were some impressive, open courtyard areas as well as a few squares dotted around. The tall buildings that lined the often-twisting streets of Reus helped provide plenty of shade and made the place seem friendlier, more organic, less planned. We enjoyed our time there and the museum itself was a decent distraction (as well as a way to get out of the sun for a while). Back outside my eyes were constantly drawn to the different architectural styles although the very Mediterranean penchant for balconies on all the buildings was ever-present.

One of the nicer things about being an obvious tourist in places is that I find it easier to take photographs of people than I do back home. Probably due to the time of day that we were visiting there weren’t a huge number of people around in Reus but I fired off a few shots anyway, including one of my brother who phoned to let us know he and his wife would be joining us for some shopping and a drink at a bar after we’d been there for an hour.


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