Our day of castles and palaces in Denmark came to an end with a final photo stop at the very popular tourist destination of The Little Mermaid statue. We’d been told before we left the ship that it was close by but we’d been unable to spot it from our aft balcony despite facing in the correct direction. As we got off the coach to take a few pictures as mementos of our stop at Copenhagen we realised it wasn’t quite as close as we’d imagined, although still definitely within walking distance. You can see from one of the photos below of the marina right beside the statue that the Crown Princess was visible in the background.

We’d been told that the Little Mermaid was smaller than you imagine and had anticipated something quite tiny but it was fairly close to life size and I was quite pleased that you could get very close to it. The statue had been vandalised with paint shortly before we’d visited the country and it was vandalised again shortly after we left but for our stop it was perfectly clean. Some fellow cruisers remarked how lucky it was that we got to see it in pristine condition but from a unique photographic memory perspective I wouldn’t have been dismayed to have been there while it was the victim of mindlessness.

Although our next stop would involve us heading southwards and further into the Baltic Sea in order to make for Sweden we couldn’t pass under the bridge between Sweden and Denmark and so had to track northwards initially in an anticlockwise direction around the island of Zealand (we would pass under the Great Belt Bridge during the night but on our return journey get to experience the event in daytime). This meant that the cruise ship would pass between the two countries near Helsingør and would give everyone a chance to see and take photos of Kronborg Castle. We’d already visited there on our tour so I entertained myself with a few shots of the top deck and the people who ventured out but it was still good to see the stronghold from the sea especially as we’d only recently explored inside it that day.

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Departing Denmark


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