To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of our first date my wife and I booked a cruise around South America for the first couple of weeks in March of 2016 to take place on the Star Princess, starting in Buenos Aires. We flew from Heathrow airport, London to Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris then flew to Argentina on the most uncomfortable seats ever with a meal that was indescribably bad. Air France is not high on our list of airlines to fly with again.

In Buenos Aires airport we were met by representatives of Princess Cruises (and I was offered a job because I helped out some other passengers having trouble understanding the process) and were taken on a slow drive through the Argentine capital city’s traffic to the port area to board the ship.

As with many places that cruise ships dock the port area of Buenos Aires was a commercial zone with not a huge amount of interest to look at if you’re not fond of shipping containers and cranes but the weather was gorgeous, we were in a foreign country, I had my camera to hand, there were some lovely pieces of brutalist architecture on show too, and photographs were quick to follow.

In addition to taking pictures from our mini suite balcony when we first arrived in Buenos Aires we took a walk up onto the top deck of the cruise ship and I snapped some photos of the commercial port and the Río de la Plata from there too.


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