When we’d entered the Chilean fjords and when we’d spent some time viewing the Amalia Glacier the weather had been pretty miserable for the most part, raining frequently and mostly covering everything in low cloud that drained the otherwise spectacular scenery of most of its colour. Weather-wise, things improved somewhat as we left the glacier behind and the Star Princess began to navigate the fjords once more heading for the open ocean. More changeable conditions occasionally granted us blue skies and some better light for taking photos. As our balcony was on the starboard side and we were heading roughly west and north-west this put the sun in a good position (when it was visible) to illuminate the landscape of Chile on the north side of the ship and even produced some long-lasting and vibrant rainbows.

At times as we cruised along the fjords we would see distant mountains lit by the sunshine and we caught glimpses of other glaciers too. Waterfalls were a common sight as well and although they appeared small this was probably quite illusory on account of our distance from the rock faces down which they poured.

When the low clouds did make a reappearance they flowed softly around the tops of the very craggy rock faces we were cruising past and were fascinating to look at.


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