The day after visiting Punta Arenas was a scenic cruising day to see the Amalia Glacier. We’d had a night and morning of rough seas on the Star Princess but everything became a lot calmer as we started to navigate the Chilean fjords and fjord-like channels that would take us to our scenic destination.

The conditions may have been calmer but the general weather was dull and overcast with occasional rain. The overall effect was to drain the colour from the surroundings which was a shame although pretty atmospheric.

As we got deeper into the channels the surrouding rock faces loomed larger and there was more low-lying cloud rolling between the peaks. The geology of the rocks was quite nice to look at but in terms of fjords the ones in Chile cannot compare to Norway’s offerings (or Alaska’s from what we’ve heard).

Most of the photos of the Chilean fjords were taken from our balcony as the cruise along them coincided with a period where there was nothing of interest to us taking place on the ship. We’d been informed over the tannoy when we were expected to arrive at the glacier so knew that we could get an afternoon quiz in just before then. We took advantage of this fortuitous timing to take a walk around the promenade just prior to this in order to get some fjord photos from a different perspective.


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