After a half hour to rest on our boat trip after our visit to the incredible site of Delos just off the coast of Mykonos we got back on our feet and congregated by the dock as a group in order to head off for a brisk walk through the narrow alleys and streets of Mykonos Town in search of some of its photographic highlights.

The first stop was Panagia Paraportiani, a Byzantine church, whitewashed like almost every other building on Mykonos. This was a popular spot for tourists to congregate with many people grouping together and posing for shots or taking selfies. As our tour guide explained a little of the history of the building I made use of the time to perform a half circuit of the church and snap a handful of photos featuring fewer people in the way.

After only a few minutes we all set off again at a reasonable pace through often congested alleys and somehow nobody managed to lose track of our tour guide which when you’ve been travelling on as many cruises as we have is a minor miracle. With the sky being clear, the sun being high, and those white walls of the Mykonos buildings reflecting a lot of light everywhere it was fairly easy to take fast photos at a reasonable aperture size and with low ISO as we made our way through the town. For the most part I simply lofted my camera up and clicked at random in the general area of buildings as we passed trusting to chance to take some shots with interest in the lines and contrast between the sky and structures.

Our second chance for a short rest and the opportunity for some photos was just between the famous locations of the Mykonos Windmills and Little Venice. The windmills point back to the island’s history of producing bread and both locations, being so close together and facing west, are popular spots for watching the sun set on the Mediterranean.

Our next stop would be the coach which was due to take us off to a restaurant for lunch followed by a visit to one of the island’s beaches. With the coach being to the northwest of Mykonos Town in the direction of the cruise ship this meant retracing our route for the most part. Again, amazingly, nobody got lost.

Mykonos Town had its fair share of churches. Whether they were all still in use I couldn’t say and the photos I took probably only represent a small percentage of the ones around.

Nearing the coach pickup point after negotiating our way through the town was a narrow strip of beach as well as a small port for some fairly expensive-looking yachts.


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