Our visit to Delos had been an absolutely incredible one but the heat had been almost suffocating at points. So, when it was time to return to Mykonos for the next part of our full day excursion arranged by Princess Cruises we made sure we were ready to board the boat ahead of most of the rest of our group in order to get a sheltered spot on the boat. On the way out we’d been up on top, fully exposed to the sun, but some careful consideration of the direction the boat would be taking meant we headed straight for the lower deck, starboard side as soon as we able to. Here we were able to enjoy shade for the entirety of the boat ride and also had some very welcome occasional sprays of water from the slightly choppy sea to cool us down more.

The boat ride from Delos took around half an hour and afforded some pleasant views of various bits of the island of Mykonos as we passed with occasional congregations of the typically white-walled Greek buildings along the fairly barren-looking shoreline breaking up the landscape.

As we got closer to Mykonos town it was possible to see many of the places that we would next be experiencing close up on a walking tour through it. It was quite interesting to see the sights from the water – the famous windmills and Little Venice, for instance – as the images you typically see of Mykonos are from a totally different perspective.


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