Portfolio posts regarding the day we spent in Uruguay during our cruise on the Star Princess last March have now been completed.

The posts cover stops at three typically tourist locations in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo:

  • Plaza Independencia – Large square in Montevideo with some lovely architectural styles represented in the buildings surrounding it.
  • Parque Batlle – I keep wanting to write battle but that’s really how it’s spelt. This is one of a number of parks in Montevideo and this one contains a national monument, La Carreta. I may have got annoyed with some of our fellow tourists during this trip.
  • The Montevideo Sign – Very much like the Hollywood sign in America, popular with tourists and locals alike, and with some lovely views over the beach of Montevideo.

The main point of the excursion was the very enjoyable steam train ride to Juanico through the Uruguayan countryside followed by the Juanico vineyard and tango show including the most boozy wine tasting we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing and a confession that I may possibly have trod on a tango dancer’s foot.

Featured image shows the tango dancers at Establecimiento Juanico Bodega before some clumsy Englishman potentially crippled one of them.

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