Portfolio posts about our day on the Falkland Islands have now been completed.

Our trip to the islands began with some photos of the approach into Blanco Bay where the Star Princess would be anchored.

We then disembarked the cruise ship by tender boat and proceeded to enjoy a half-day excursion touring some of the Falklands War battlefields in the company of a very entertaining tour guide.

  • Estancia – the first stop was overlooking Estancia and hearing information about how the locals helped the British troops who had landed early on the islands during the retaking campaign
  • Mount Kent Chinook Wreckage – we were next taken to see the wreckage of an Argentinian Chinook helicopter that had been destroyed by a British Harrier called in by special forces
  • Mount Harriet – we finished with a visit to one of the battle towards the end of the war as the British marched on Stanley

At the conclusion of our battlefields tour we were dropped off in Stanley where we walked through, checked out an excellent museum, then went for a drink in a bar as it was something we felt we had to do being on British soil so far from home.

The final portfolio post of photos is from the Star Princess cruise ship once more as we were preparing to leave the Falkland Islands.

Featured image shows off the interesting geology of the Falklands near Mount Kent.

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