We concluded our fantastic day in and around Stanley and exploring the battlefields of the 1982 Falklands War with Argentina by hopping on the tender boat to take us back to the Star Princess cruise ship. We had one final surprise on the short journey out of Stanley Harbour and into Blanco Bay where the ship was anchored in the form of a dolphin that decided to swim alongside the tender boat and jump out of the water periodically. Sadly, no photos as I’d put my camera away at this point. Still, an amazing experience.

There was still a little while before everyone else would be on board and we would depart the Falkland Islands so I went for a little wander around the top deck of the ship to take some photographs of the Falklands landscape from our bay location.

Sunbeams coming through the gathering clouds as the afternoon slipped into early evening and our departure from the Falklands grew ever closer provided for some nice photos too and some additional memories to group with the ones we already had from our day on the islands.


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