This portfolio of images contains a few photographs of the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium taken from the P&O Cruises ship Oriana. Naturally, with Zeebrugge being as close to the UK as it is and a popular stop on any northern European cruise, short or long, we’ve come to visit this Belgian location quite a few times now so there’s not a lot new to see (but if you’re really keen to see more pictures just hit the Belgium tag below this post) but that sort of thing won’t stop me from taking at least a handful of snaps every time I find myself here.

There was an interesting-looking vessel in Zeebrugge this time around – the Pauline – which caused a bit of a discussion for the couple sat behind us as we departed the port on our excursion to Damme; she was convinced it was a commercial vessel while he was convinced it was a cruise ship; she was right.

The last shots of Zeebrugge as we left Belgium in the evening coincided with some lovely low sunshine generating some beautiful pinks and oranges on the white surfaces as the light refracted through the thicker atmosphere.


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