As part of our now annual pilgrimage to the north to see Wakefield play rugby we took a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2010 since it was only a few kilometres back on the other side of the M1. It was May, so overcast and not particularly warm were the general conditions but the park itself was still quite impressive, covering a large area of rolling ground, dotted everywhere you looked with interesting sculptures and buildings, and with lovely views out to the surrounding landscapes too.

Some of the more eye-catching sculptures were fashioned by Sophie Ryder.

In addition to a number of school classes exploring the park at the same time the other noticeable group of lifeforms were the sheep. We were acutely aware of where we were standing and did a pretty decent job of not treading in too many sheep droppings as I recall.

While it was still early in the year there was a little bit of nature on show to catch my attention as well.


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