I used to work in Chichester and one lunchtime in May of 2013 I happened upon the filming of a segment for the BBC TV programme, The One Show, with host Carrie Grant accompanied by a camera operator, a sound operator, and two other people who I’m going to say were the producer and the runner because they sound like TV production terms and I’ve really no idea at all what I’m talking about. Anyway, I had my camera on me so I decided to take some photos of Carrie Grant and The One Show team whilst making sure I never featured in the background of any shots myself. Perish the thought!

Carrie came across as very personable, perfectly happy to talk to anyone who came up and asked, even posing for photos with passersby.

I wasn’t the only person standing around and gawping at the sight of a television personality in the flesh although I may have been one of the few trying to catch details of the camera being handled by the operator. I’m very much more a still photography sort of person but video work still holds an interest as many of the setup principles are the same, of course.


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