2011 was our first trip together to America (and my first trip ever) and with friends and family not too far from Washington D.C. it was pretty much inevitable that we would end up hitting the city for a day to take in photos of the place. Our impetus for this particular trip was to visit the museums and galleries since we’re quite fond of a museum and art gallery so there were not a huge amount of photos of some of the buildings for which Washington is famous. However, we did see some, including the Capitol.

Our trip included a visit to a spy museum (I’d show you the pictures but then I’d have to kill you) and a meal before a little bit of a wander around the streets on the way to the main area of galleries and Smithsonian museums.

We like art and I’m drawn to more of the cubist, modernist trends rather than classical as a general rule so we weren’t disappointed with what Washington had to offer.

The science and aeronautical museums, though, were a great draw for us and a good number of visitors too. We tried to hit as many museums as we could, getting a feel for them rather than exclusively fixing on one or two but we still didn’t have time to visit every museum we wanted. Still, plenty more chances to hit America again.


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