We had been up in London to watch one of the NFL International Series games and had stayed over in order to have a day in the capital for a bit of an explore on our own, something we don’t do enough considering how relatively close to the city we live. At this time the Occupy London had started up and were camped out around the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. This gave me a chance to wander amongst them and take some photographs of the people concerned about what they saw as an unjust and undemocratic process. I’ve always loved taking candid photographs of people although I’m not brave/rude/uncaring enough to do it as often as I’d really like so I do like encountering large, public displays where my picture-taking is seen as part of getting the message out. It’s always great to be able capture acts of people passionate about a cause although my recollection of the day was one of a subdued atmosphere, possibly a realisation from those present that the protest would not be a short one.


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