Our short excursion in Punta Arenas, Chile had included a look at the open air Museum of Memories, a visit to the public cemetery, and a brief trip to a crowded museum, the most interesting part of which from a travel blog perspective was that we had to wait on the coach for nearly fifteen minutes as a handful of passengers thought that arranged meeting times didn’t apply to them and wandered off to do some shopping.

Before the coach deposited us back at the port where we would be able to take the tender boats back to the Star Princess cruise ship we pulled in at a viewpoint overlooking the Chilean city. We had enough time for the majority of people to browse the stalls set up by numerous vendors while some of us grabbed a few photographs of Punta Arenas from the high vantage point. The city was quite colourful under the mostly clear blue sky and it was great to see our cruise ship just off the shore.

There were many incidents of spotting culturally different behaviour during our cruise around South America but it was also interesting to see that the habit of people attaching locks to railings appears to be a global one.


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