After our stop at Puerto Madryn to see the penguins at Punta Tombo we had a day at sea as the Star Princess made her way southwards towards the Falkland Islands. The day was relaxing, involved an art auction, drinking, quizzes, drinking, a swim, and even spotting whales migrating off the side of the ship. And drinking.

Our cabin was on the starboard side of the cruise ship which meant we got the evening sun as it dipped towards the western horizon beyond which lay Argentina. As my wife was showering and I was waiting for my turn I took a couple of photographs of the calm Atlantic ocean as dusk was approaching. It was a very relaxing sight with the sun partially obscured behind wispy clouds.

After showering and getting ready we then made our way to deck seven to meet up with quiz partners for the evening trivia taking place in the Explorers Lounge. It was at the end of this entertainment and because the curtains hadn’t been closed at that time outside the venue that everyone became aware of the light pouring in from outside. The promenade deck rapidly became filled with people making their way outside to see not just an incredible sunset but easily the most incredible sunset I’ve ever seen. The colours in the photograph below are almost 100% accurate to what we witnessed on the ocean gazing west on that evening. The photograph was taken on my phone as my camera had been left in the room and I didn’t want to miss a thing by heading up for it.

In the video below you can hear the low voices of other people around us on the promenade deck in awe of the spectacle as we looked out at the sunset.

We’ve seen many sunsets while on cruises but nothing has come close before or after that one on the Atlantic off Argentina.


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