Our decision-making process for determining a route home from Margate was not to head back the same way we came, if possible, and to look out for anything interesting to break up the journey which is why not long after we’d left the seaside resort in which we’d been staying for a few days we took a quick turn off towards the coast once more and ended up in Herne Bay, Kent.

The main appeal to us in picking Herne Bay for an early pitstop was to check out its pier as we’re rather fond of piers when we’re out and about. Until 1978 the pier at Herne Bay had been the second-longest in the United Kingdom but a storm destroyed the central section leaving part of it isolated at sea and no repairs were ever made. What’s left isn’t much but it was nice to see it anyway on our fleeting trip to the town and I took a handful of photos of and from the shoreline area. We also discovered that Herne Bay had the world’s first purpose-built, freestanding clock tower so our short trip to the small town uncovered quite a bit of interesting history.


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