On our way to Margate for a short break and to explore some areas of Kent I decided to take a different route from normal, eschewing the quick way in favour of something a little more scenic on purpose (as opposed to “the scenic route” we usually describe any wrong turning as). This involved hugging the south coast as much as possible and there was a planned breakpoint somewhere around Hastings in my mind. As it turned out it was Hastings itself that we stopped at as the other places of potential interest looked somewhat less so as we got near them. Still, Hastings was fine as far as we were concerned since it was on the coastline which meant the opportunity to get out and have a walk along the beach presented itself and was duly taken up. Living by the sea we’re always happiest in sight of it and feeling an offshore breeze on your face to accompany a walk is something we enjoy very much. Naturally, photos of Hastings seafront were not long in appearing.

The nice surprise – in addition to the weather which was fresh but bright and clear – was that the architecture of the buildings along Hastings seafront was really attractive. There were several examples of art deco design to be seen which after brutalist is my favourite style of architecture in use. We don’t see very much art deco at home as our city wasn’t the huge hub for Victorian travel that places like Brighton or Hastings were so it’s always lovely to see some around. On top of that, Hastings had a pier and a quick look around the various places we’ve travelled to in and around England will soon show you that we do like a nice pier.


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