There are usually two pretty safe bets when it comes to guessing what sort of short break in England we’ll be taking: it’ll be off season to avoid the kids and it’ll be beside the sea. Both were true in November 2013 when we had a short stay in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Let us gloss over the unrelenting tedium of the trip through Norfolk to get there for this particular update.

Something else you can often count on with our breaks is that if there’s an aquarium of some description nearby there will be a good chance that we’ll end up visiting it. I find the gentle movements of the fish, their colours, and the subdued lighting very relaxing and while it can be challenging in some instances to balance high ISO levels and low shutter speeds on the camera when photographing what’s going on I do like to at least try to get some decent pictures of the aquatic (and, often, reptilian) lifeforms on display.

The Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre didn’t disappoint in providing for some relaxation and a pleasant indoors distraction during our few days in East Anglia.

My wife has always had a thing for penguins and Great Yarmouth had a family of Humboldts to see. At the time we hadn’t booked our South American cruise but a couple of years after these photos we would be walking among a relative species, Magellanic penguins.


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