On our weekend trip to Belgium on board the P&O cruise ship Azura we elected to take an excursion to Ghent for the simple reason that we already had a planned trip to Bruges in June when we would be on the Crown Princess cruise ship’s Baltics tour. As it turned out there were only sixteen of us on our excursion (just an hour’s coach ride to Ghent then a walk into the city and a couple of hours to ourselves before heading back) as most people leaving the ship picked Brussels or the very popular Bruges instead.

It was grey at first but the sun did pop out for a bit as the day wore on. Ghent was architecturally stunning with much of it being medieval although the Dutch influence on the region was clear to see as well. St Bavo’s Cathedral was gorgeous inside; one of the most attractive cathedrals I’ve ever been in. Sadly, no photos were allowed and we abide by rules even if other visitors to the place ignored them completely. Gits.

After the cathedral we passed through Graffiti Street and made our way to Gravensteen Castle. After our climb to the top of that structure to look out over the rooftops of Ghent we felt in need of a beer so hit the one you can see pictured below. Pictures of the beer we had as well as the inside of the place can be found here.

As we met up with our guide and headed out of Ghent to find the coach that would take us back to Azura docked in Zeebrugge we passed a wedding photoshoot taking place making use of a drone. I couldn’t help but take a few shots of the happy couple too.


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