We didn’t have a lot of free time to spend in Bruges at the conclusion of our excursion organised by Princess Cruises but with the walking tour of Bruges and canal boat ride having shown us most of the important historical places of interest this was mainly just for people to do a little bit of shopping. Those ship excursions: they do like to throw in some shopping. Our guide had suggested we might want to climb to the top of the belfry off the market square in the Belgian city but the day was too warm for us to consider that exertion; instead we elected to grab a beer. When in Belgium, drink beer as the saying I’ve just made up goes. We’d wanted to try the Half Moon Brewery but it was packed to bursting so we set off for another place I’d spotted from our canal boat trip: Brouwerij Bourgogne des Flandres.

The brewery offers a tour of itself and one day when we hit Bruges with plenty of time to spare we intend to take one but for this occasion we made do with selecting from the beers on tap and enjoying something cool, refreshing, and local.

This brought our time in the city to an end so we wandered back to the Walplein where we were to meet up with the rest of our excursion group from the Crown Princess. My photos from this point on consisted of a lot of shooting from the hip, relying on the brightness of the day, a slightly raised ISO level, and a wider aperture to ensure fast enough shots and sharpness even while moving. As a result composition was something of a non-entity but I quite often like taking photos like this as it will produce pictures you wouldn’t normally think to take and they’re not always terrible. Often, but not always.

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Free Time In Bruges


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