Living close to the local nature reserve of Farlington Marshes it’s provided a good place over the years when the weather is nice to go for a walk just for the hell of it or take the camera along to snap some photographs of the local wildlife or the landscape between Portsea Island and Hayling Island in Hampshire. With the heavy traffic running along the north side of the marshes it can be quite noisy there but further south there’s nothing but the quiet water of Langstone Harbour and views to Portsmouth to distract.

In World War 2 Farlington Marshes was a designated Starfish Site, acting successfully as a decoy for bombing raids on a number of occasions. A couple of the decoy control points are still standing in the marshes.

The last photo is a rarity in my picture-taking: a hand-held, three-exposure, HDR photograph taken into the sun. Saturation levels are probably higher than my current taste in photo processing goes for but I think the shot is a pleasant enough one.


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