Our final stop in Argentina during our South American cruise on the Star Princess was at Ushuaia, commonly referred to as “the southernmost city in the world”. Whether it really is or isn’t is up for debate but we’ll count it because it looks good on the list of achievements when travelling.

Ushuaia is breathtakingly beautiful, ticking all the boxes in what I want from a place: by the water, views of incredible mountains (the Martial Mountains and not the southern tip of the Andes as we initially thought), cool climate. It was almost literally breathtaking as I stepped out from the state room onto the balcony because of the cold snap in the air. I knew we were going to need to wear layers on our upcoming excursion that day but I was stunned with open-mouthed awe just looking at the dark, imposing skyline before the sun had even had a chance to rise, and shivered while taking a few photos of the light industrial port where our ship and a few other hardy explorer vessels were docked.

It was interesting to see the difference in sky colour and increase in brightness in just the half an hour either side of going to grab some breakfast and I took advantage of the conditions to get some clearer photos of the city’s surrounding mountain range. But I didn’t have much time as we had to leave to meet our excursion group on the ship. The wind was mostly coming from the port side of the ship and as we were on the starboard side we had some protection from the worst of it and the light rain it was carrying along but I was a little bit concerned as I knew the trip we had planned would take us down the Beagle Channel and there would be no shield from the weather there.


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