After leaving the fabulous Falkland Islands we spent the following day at sea but unlike most sea days when you’re on a cruise ship this one included a milestone event: we would be rounding Cape Horn!

The Falklands had given us ridiculously clear blue skies but Cape Horn had something a little less photogenic in store for us. Low, grey clouds, occasionally spitting with rain on us, lending everything a desaturated yet still very atmospheric look was the order of the day. It was windy – as you’ll be able to tell from the videos here – but the sea wasn’t too rough, which was a shame as my wife and I love rough seas when you’re on a cruise ship and we’d been looking forward to seeing what Cape Horn could deliver in that respect. Luckily, we’d get big waves and rough seas a little further round our South American trip.

Commentary about the islands of Cape Horn that we were passing was broadcast over the ship’s speakers. I was tempted for a while to go up onto the main deck in order to get views of the Star Princess‘s passage around the tip of South America from all angles but the chilly wind convinced me that our balcony view and its benefit of allowing me to duck back into the room to warm up would do just as well.

I was quite pleased with one of the photographs I managed to get when the low cloud cover thinned enough to allow the weak sun to shine through onto the ocean.

One of the good things about cruising when you pass a milestone such as crossing the date line or the equator is that you will typically get a memento of the occasion and we were pleased to discover certificates confirming we’d cruised around Cape Horn on our beds that evening.


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