As part of my birthday break in the Gwynedd region of Wales in 2011 we hit several historic sites and made a trip to Anglesey. This particular trip included a short stop in the town of Caernarfon as we spotted it had a castle and we’re rather fond of exploring and photographing castles when we’re out travelling.

Unfortunately for me it had also been spitting with rain on the day we were visiting this particular Welsh castle; not enough to put a hood on the camera or enough to make me check the front of the lens, sadly, which is why one or two drops got on the front and there is just a hint of blurring in the following pictures of Caernarfon Castle.

We also had time for a little bit of a wander into the town where we had some lunch at one of the pubs. Some quizzical looks passed between us as the pub’s less-than-politically-correct name.


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